3 Questions that Determine Whether You Need a New Website

How can you tell if your company website is great, adequate or a disaster? To find out, you don’t need a committee or a task force. All you need to do is ask yourself three questions. If your response to any of them is negative, you need to significantly upgrade your existing site or build a new one.

Question 1: Does my website make my company look better or worse than it actually is?

One of the most common complaints we hear at the agency: “Our site just doesn’t let people know how awesome our company is.” If that’s true for you, your site is doing you more harm than good. It’s hurting your brand, and turning warm prospects into cold ones. This is exactly the opposite of what a company site should do.

Question 2: Are prospects more likely or less likely to do business with me after visiting my site?

Even if your site makes you look good in terms of design and content, a lousy user experience will frustrate prospects and send them into the arms of a competitor. Confusing navigation, hard-to-complete forms and burying critical information below the fold are just three of the many ways your site could be undermining your lead generation efforts.

Question 3: Do competitor sites put mine to shame?

One trap B2Bs regularly fall into is an inward focus. No matter how good your site is, or no matter how good you think it is — it’s not going to help you if your competitors’ sites are even better. When any site is three, four or five years old, it’ll be behind the times in terms of best practices for design, conversion optimization, SEO and content. Smart companies continually monitor the competition and keep their sites fresh.

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