3 Reasons B2Bs Should Be Using Mobile To Impact Their Marketing

The mobile revolution is here.

With more and more people using smartphones and tablets to get online, it’s easy to see that mobile is the way of the future. It’s also changing how and where business professionals communicate and how and why they interact with B2B brands.

Here are three reasons why B2B companies should elevate mobile marketing sooner than later to increase their marketing impact.

Your target audience is mobile.

Businesses aren’t going mobile—they’ve gone mobile! In fact, a study by Forbes reported that at least 82% of business executives are using a smartphone as a key part of their work day. And by 2013, GoMo, Google’s new mobile initiative, predicts that web-access via smartphones and tablets will outtake PCs.  As professionals increasingly prefer information on-the-go and on-demand, your business can’t afford to not enter the mobile space by creating your own mobile-enhanced website.

Reduce the risk of losing business.

More likely than not, your current website was designed for viewing on the traditional screens of desktops and laptops. Now try to view the desktop version of your site on your Blackberry or iPad, and you’ll quickly realize that the experience is far less enjoyable. Pages are frustrating to navigate, content is harder to read, and you will probably find yourself zooming in and out just to find a certain part of the page.

Like a muddled storefront, a disorganized website will drive business away. In fact, a study by Limelight Interactive revealed that 80% of customers abandon a mobile site if they have a bad user experience. An intuitive mobile optimized website will support many user-friendly functions that are not widely acceptable on desktops, such as clicking to call a phone number, one-touch social sharing or providing instant directions to a specific address. Mobile layout and text appears large and organized to the user, making navigation and discoverability easy.

Your competitors aren’t mobile.

Mobile Web usage is growing at an unprecedented rate, yet many businesses still haven’t acknowledged mobile as an essential part of their marketing strategy; less than 10% of the Web is “mobile ready” according to Search Engine Land.

As early adopters of mobile, B2Bs have an incredible opportunity to stand out among their competitors and create positive impressions to their business audiences who are already using their smartphones to conduct business and seek B2B brands daily.

Bottom line.

Your business audiences aren’t tied to their desktops anymore, and your website shouldn’t be either!

How has mobile already impacted your business? And what questions do you still have about launching your mobile presence?

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