5 Content Marketing Lessons from Breaking Bad

We’ve added a new Happy Hour category to B2B Insights, which will appear from time to time on Fridays to help you ease into the weekend.

Today’s Happy Hour installment is devoted to content marketing, one of the hottest topics going in the marketing space. It’s new, it’s complicated, it’s confusing — and, it’s something every B2B firm should be doing.

Observant business people can pick up valuable content marketing lessons anywhere, especially on terrific television shows like Breaking Bad. Below are five short videos from the series that illustrate essential characteristics of successful content marketing campaigns. (No real spoilers in these clips, BTW.)

Lesson 1: Words matter. Don’t rely on images to convey your meaning.

Lesson 2: Be original. Creative concepts cause customer curiosity.

Lesson 3: Once is not enough. Repeating a core message ensures a clear brand identity.

Lesson 4: Avoid jargon. Use plain language to convey complex ideas about products and services.

Lesson 5: Use testimonials. Your customers are your best sales reps.

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