5 Most Liked Brands on Facebook w/ 5 B2B Lessons

If you have even the least bit of interest in getting your B2B company on Facebook, then you probably already have some ideas. After all, this topic has been all but exhausted with tips and suggestions, some of my favorite being this piece from Social Media Examiner and this older post from HubSpot.

While a lot has been said about Facebook and B2B companies, I’d like to approach the subject from a different angle by focusing on how the five biggest consumer brands on Facebook are using the platform.

Facebook: 87,198,394 Likes

If you own the platform, then you kind of do have the right to dominate it. Facebook maintains its upper hand by encouraging new users to “like” the Facebook page first.

However, Facebook didn’t get all of its “likes” simply by being Facebook. The official Facebook fan page does a great job of including user generated content and telling interesting stories about the website.

B2B Takeaway: Be diligent about creating a broad appeal without losing your brand’s image. The Facebook fan page has to appeal to people of all languages, cultures, and demographics throughout the world. It doesn’t get much broader than that. However, it does a great job of creating universally engaging content.

Coca-Cola: 59,064,616 Likes

Interesting fact: Coca-Cola didn’t create its Facebook fan page; two brand evangelists, Dusty Sorg and Michael Jedrzejewski, created it. After the page surpassed the 1 millionth ‘like’ milestone, Facebook changed its company policy and decided that only official company representatives could manage brand pages. Of course, Coca-Cola was keen to hire the two on as marketing consultants.

B2B Takeaway: Don’t underestimate the power of your fans. Also, don’t underestimate their generosity. The Coca-Cola Facebook page is known for its humanitarian efforts. Like Coca-Cola, you can use your Facebook page for more than self-promotion.

MTV: 42,046,623 Likes

In 2010, the MTV Facebook page only had 1 million “likes.” That’s a lot of growth for three years. How did they do it? The company decided to use its status as a pop culture authority to guide the online conversation. MTV is a brand that truly does interact and engage with users through social media. The page features plenty of unique and exclusive content.

B2B Takeaway: Your goal is not “likes” or fans; your goal is people. When people reach out to you online, take the time to reach back. It won’t always mean a dollar in your pocket, but in the long run, it’s a practice that will bring engagement.

Disney: 41,935,775 Likes

Disney and Facebook are a perfect match. As a long-established household name, Disney has touched just about everybody, from our grandparents to our youngest children. Given the fact that just about everybody is on Facebook, it makes sense that Disney is doing so well with the platform. 

B2B Takeaway: Your brand has history, no matter how young it is. Start making notes of milestones and celebrate them with your audience. Also, make a point of celebrating partnerships with other companies – something Disney does well on its Facebook page.

Converse: 35,051,225 Likes

Converse went from having next to nothing in terms of Facebook presence to having 30.5 million “likes” a year later. Learn how the brand achieved this in this interview with the company’s CMO.

B2B Takeaway: Read the article linked to above for the full scoop. In a nutshell, Converse has earned its achievements by accepting people as its media channels. Don’t market at people; let them market for you, is the Converse philosophy. Substitute “businesses” for “people” and you’ve got a winning philosophy for your own Facebook page.

How does your B2B company use Facebook?

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