5 Secrets To Closing More Sales

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By Shanna Mallon

Every business understands the challenge of trying to close more sales, and it’s especially true when you’re marketing to businesses rather than to consumers. In order to turn more leads into sales, B2Bs must have a proper understanding of what’s different in the B2B approach.

When you’re trying to close sales in the B2B (rather than the B2C) marketplace, what are the secrets? What makes leads convert? What’s the key to your sales approach? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the top secrets to closing more B2B sales.

  1. Be clear. Muddied messaging is a major contributor to lost sales. If your prospects don’t understand your value proposition, they don’t have any reason to buy from you. What sets you apart from the competition? Can you clearly and quickly articulate that value? If not, start here. The most successful B2Bs are able to communicate a clear message over and over again for better ROI.
  2. Be an industry authority. In today’s Internet-driven world, you can leverage content to make yourself a thought leader in the industry. Start a blog, be faithful with an email campaign, write e-books, get active on social media, etc. — all to build trust with prospects and make yourself an authority in your field.
  3. Stop selling a product — and sell results. Businesses don’t care about your product or service until they understand how that product or service affects them. Instead of marketing the features or benefits of your offering(s), focus on what it does for your clients. What will your website design offer a company, for example? How will your commercial cleaning services improve business operations day to day? Answer this question for your client: “What does this do for us?” — and you increase chances of making a sale.
  4. Sell to the right people. If you’re talking to a purchasing manager who has no buying power, you’re wasting time. To close more sales, pitch to the high-level decision-makers who have power to choose your business.
  5. Know your audience. In order to reach your target customers, you have to know who they are — what are their business challenges, what problems do they need solved and how can you help? If your company’s marketing meets audience challenges, it immediately becomes more powerful. If you’re stumped about how to stay on top of your target audience’s dilemmas, here are some ideas: (1) Pay attention to their websites, (2) subscribe to their blogs/newsletters, (3) read their reviews, (4) read their press releases, and (5) set up online alerts to notify you about relevant news.

Whether you sell accounting services to small businesses or commercial painting services to large facilities, it pays to implement a sound strategy into your marketing efforts when you work in the B2B realm — and use the five tips above to guide your selling process!

Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon is a freelance copywriter who regularly writes and blogs about B2B topics. She's been active in social media since 2008.

Shanna Mallon is a freelance copywriter who regularly writes and blogs about B2B topics. She's been active in social media since 2008.