5 Ways to Cut Your Fuel Consumption

An automobile, service van or truck can be a costly monthly expense. This is certainly true when it comes to gas and these prices continuing to rise. Luckily, there are five simple ways to cut your fuel consumption.

1. Proper Tire Inflation

Until the tires are in need or replacement or there is a flat, people generally do not pay enough attention to tires. In truth, a properly inflated tire will help to save on gas. When a tire is poorly inflated, the vehicle actually needs to work harder to maintain speed and vehicle balance. This ends up burning more fuel. Many newer vehicles have pressure sensors and a display on the dashboard. Checking this every time the gas is filled is a wise move. If the vehicle does not have these sensors, purchasing a simple tire pressure gauge is a good idea. Follow pressure guidelines in the owner’s manual. Tire pressure information is also often found on the driver’s side door trim.

2. Routine Maintenance

Every vehicle needs routine maintenance that includes oil and filter changes. By having these done regularly, the engine and the vehicle will last longer and major repairs can often be avoided. Every vehicle is different, so it is always best to follow the maintenance schedule established by the manufacturer. This will surely help to save money and gas.

3. Proper Driving Technique

There are a number of things that can be done to ensure better driving techniques. For a manual transmission, it is important to not ride the clutch. This decreases fuel economy and shortens the lifespan of the clutch itself. When driving a manual, it is also important to be in the proper gear for the current speed. When traveling on the highway, getting up to speed and having the car in the highest gear will help save fuel. With any car, decreasing speed a bit can help to save on fuel economy. Maintaining the speed limit is always wise.

4. Combine Trips

Throughout the day, multiple trips around town can use a good deal of gas. If there are errands to be run or trips to be taken in the car, combine stops and make the most sensible trip. On the business side, paying careful attention to service and delivery routing, because it is no longer optional — it’s essential. Checking on a map before heading out can help to plot the quickest and shortest route. Many online map programs give the option to create a trip with multiple stops.

5. A Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

When it is time to get a new vehicle, the fuel efficiency should be a factor in the decision making process. By getting a newer model that has better gas mileage, a person is sure to save at the pump. Just be sure that other important factors are considered as well. The vehicle needs to be suited for the type of travel and nature of the cargo.

These five ways to cut your gas consumption are not drastic measures. They are all simple things that can be done by any driver or fleet manager. They will certainly help to save on expenses each month.

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