5 Ways Twitter Can Benefit Your B2B Brand

Twitter for B2B

At least a quarter of Twitter users are already connecting with brands on Twitter—are you tapping into that potential audience?

You don’t have to be a restaurant or clothing store to find benefits from this constantly updated social media network. In fact, many B2B brands are discovering, to their surprise, that Twitter has a lot to offer them.

Here are five specific ways Twitter can benefit you and your B2B brand!

Search Engine Optimization

When you think link-building, you might not think Twitter—but maybe you should. With Twitter, you can set up lists (public or private) of users who are from publications, companies or blogs from which you’d like to receive links. Then, by simply keeping up with activity on those lists, you can know when someone’s working on a story that you might be able to contribute to, has a question you might be able to answer, etc. What’s more, by establishing relationships with these users, you can build a rapport that makes it easier to solicit them directly about link-building opportunities in the future.

Market Research

Using Twitter search, you can easily type in your brand name or keywords related to your services, and you’ll instantly see what’s been said. Not only is this important for staying aware of bad press (and giving you a way to respond to it), but also for helping you find good feedback. And bonus: you can use Twitter search even without a profile.  

Lead Generation

With a little strategy, the connections you make on Twitter can be turned into leads. Your profile links to your website; your Tweets sometimes talk about your services; and so your audience will notice. To make the most of this potential, make sure your profile page URL links to an optimized page on your site, one that you use as a lead-generation tool and that has a clear call to action.


Your Twitter profile gives clients another way to contact you and to engage. You can user Twitter to start discussions—about your products, about questions customers have had, to request feedback. Because of the instantaneous nature of social media, Twitter is an excellent and fast way to form and strengthen business connections.

Strategic Promotion

It’s smart to use Twitter to promote content on your site, as long as you don’t overdo it (i.e., don’t let it be the only thing you post on Twitter or you’ll come across as self-absorbed and irrelevant). If your company blogs, you may want to link to new posts; if you have news coming out, you may want to link to the press release. When you link to your website, use a service like bit.ly—not only will this shorten your URL to free up more space, but also it can track the statistics of how often your info is clicked and shared.

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