A Surprising B2B Content Target Demographic: Moms

Crafting a new B2B, social-media driven content marketing campaign? You’re probably running through a list of the demographic categories that will be most useful to target: Millennial entrepreneurs, hip startups, maybe tech companies run by young professionals who are constantly checking their phones for the latest updates – the people who are going to push your content the furthest with shares and likes.

But often edged out of that discussion is a demographic that is known for its tendency to share content and review businesses online: moms. They’re business owners, they’re often Millennials, and they want to share your content.

Moms Own Businesses

Although the cultural image of a CEO remains a middle-aged man in a suave suit, more and more businesses are owned by women, many of whom are moms. Entrepreneur.com even has a whole section of the website dedicated to moms who are either starting or maintaining their own businesses.

From firms garnering over $1 million in revenue every year (women own one in five million-dollar businesses) to new startups operating out of moms’ homes in between dropping the kids off and picking them up from school, you are very likely to be marketing to businesses that are owned by moms.

Social Media Is a Mom Haven

It might be surprising, but the vast majority of new moms who tend to be involved in the startup boom were born in the 1980s. That means they’re part of the demographic that are  the biggest users of social media: Millennials.

And moms are notoriously prolific in their social media usage and online content sharing, especially when it comes to business recommendations. Although these statistics are largely from a B2C perspective, I think they apply in the case of B2B content sharing, as well. Let’s take a look:

  • Moms are 38% more likely than the non-mom population to follow a brand’s blog or social media page
  • 75% of moms log onto Facebook every month, and one third of Pinterest users are moms
  • Half of moms use their smartphone to access social media sites, as opposed to the 37% of non-moms who do so

So, whether they’re online in a business or personal context, moms present a huge audience for content shared on social media. And they’re a very active audience…

Moms Are Prolific Content-Sharers

One of the most significant activities for moms on social networks is the sharing of information regarding brands and businesses. A study by 360PR and Mom It Forward found that 93% of moms take fellow moms’ reviews, feedback, and opinions into account when making any kind of purchase.

360 PR and Mom It Forward also discovered that moms like to generate this buzz about businesses very frequently. About 50% of the moms that were part of the study said that they made a recommendation about a business at least once per day.

Beyond social networking, blogs offer a way for moms to have their voices heard. One out of every three blogs that you’ll find on the internet is written by a mom. And many of those blogs contain information about businesses that moms like or dislike.

Again, these statistics come from a B2C perspective, but who is to say that a satisfied partner or client that happens to be a mom won’t share information about your business? Even B2B companies can easily access the mom review network and take advantage of that incredibly powerful source of word of mouth advertising.

Strong Content is Key

So, in order to get that mom-driven social media boost, you first need to produce strong content. When it comes to content marketing towards moms, there are two vital courses of action that you need to take.

Absolutely number one, advertising towards moms means generating content that provides relevant and useful information. That could take the form of a white paper, blog posts that talk about the multiple functionality of your product, or tweets that give your business a reputation for transparency and good practices.

In addition to your content production, you’ll need to reach out and form relationships with mom bloggers and social media fans, whether or not they’re your typical client base. Many of the moms who love to generate online content do so simply to give other moms the power to make good decisions in any industry or field.

If your business already has experience with content marketing, targeting moms is just the next step. With a little additional focus, you can quickly transform a strategic content marketing campaign into one that will appeal to moms and help you generate the leads you need to succeed.

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