Are Pressure-Sensitive Labels Right for My Business?

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With a low cost, premium appearance and reliable performance, pressure-sensitive labels (PSLs) are widely used across a wide range of applications. Whether you need labeling for retail or operational purposes, pressure-sensitive labeling technology can produce just about any label a company could need. But even with all of the capabilities of PSLs, your question may remain: are pressure-sensitive labels right for my business?

The healthcare / medical industry uses PSLs for clear ampoules, bottles and vials thanks to their vivid display of barcodes, pharmacodes and sequential numbers. E-commerce companies use PSLs for shipping boxes in conjunction with high-speed pressure-sensitive labeling equipment. Other industries with multiple applications for PSLs include fulfillment, manufacturing, retail, transportation and warehouse & distribution.

Businesses need to know how a product will directly benefit their company before committing to change. Here are four justifiable motives for using pressure-sensitive labels:


Made from paper or synthetic materials, pressure-sensitive labels are able to conform to almost any shape without sacrificing performance. Squeezable bottles and special contours can all be properly labeled with PSLs as well.

Retail companies use pressure-sensitive labels for on-product promotions in addition to the standard labeling. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies often make use of PSL integrated security features such as tamper-evidence and resealability for medicine bottles of all kinds.


Pressure sensitive labels offer efficiencies for small and high volume environments. Automated PSL systems are designed for both short and long runs, with application speeds as high as 1,000 labels per minute.

PSL application is exceptionally precise and offers a fast and easy setup, cleanup and changeover. Waste is also considerably reduced, which benefits any operation.


High-quality printing, film and paper face stocks, a variety of adhesives, and various finishing and die-cutting options make PSLs suitable for a wide range of applications, including product identification, security, barrier protection, branding and barcoding.


When used in a medical environment, pressure-sensitive labels must clearly display prescription or patient information to avoid costly mistakes. Their ability to accept a high-definition print makes PSLs the ideal choice for chart labels, wristbands and medical labeling bands.

In the marketing world, pressure-sensitive labels can be created on clear material with no visible edges for a no-label look. Designers and brand managers who want to highlight the contents of a package often use this clear-filmed version of pressure-sensitive labels.

Retail, industrial or medical, pressure-sensitive labels offer unique solutions for every business. Research your options and see firsthand if PSLs can improve your operation.

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