Call Center Secrets for Your Business

If your small business is utilizing a call center, you know how valuable of a tool it can be. Call center representatives are often trained in a variety of other skills, including scheduling, marketing, lead generation, and website support.

But, if you’re not using them properly you’re missing out on all the benefits. As a B2B business, utilizing every customer support measure you have is key to making the best impression. For example, using your agents to fulfill a number of roles within your company can save you time and money while generating new sales and better buyer support. So, from online options to custom call center software, keep reading for more call center secrets for your business.

Keep it Real

Businesses, regardless of their size, want to feel like they’re important, and a great way to do that is by having a conversation; ditching the script. A rigid conversation can hinder your call center representatives from giving your customers the very best service and creating a personal, long-term relationship.

You want your representatives to be brand advocates for your company, and the best way to do that is to give them the opportunity to use their own knowledge and intuition to your advantage.

  • Train them first: Your call center employees should be trained on a loose script to make them familiar with the company’s process, guidelines, and method of approaching new, returning, and dissatisfied customers. Once they’ve internalized the process, they can slowly go off-script and manage calls with confidence and candor.
  • Establish guidelines: Make sure your employees know how your business prefers they handle certain situations. Keep guidelines on hand with important information and responses that they can refer to if they get stuck in an unfamiliar or difficult situation

Go Online

Call center representatives can be available for your company in many ways and at any time. They can offer support for your online business not only on the phone, but also through live chat directly routed from your website.

Customers making big business decisions are more likely to make a purchase from a website with live chat available. Thus, to increase your sales effectiveness, be sure to consider incorporating your call center representatives into your website support team.

  • Live chat can extend your business hours beyond the limits of the eight-hour workday. Offering live chat even a few hours beyond your business hours can be beneficial. Get the full benefit of your website support by extending chat availability to 24-hours.
  • Live chat is also a helpful option for customers in different time zones and overseas, as well as for customers who are hearing impaired or are hesitant to take the step to call your business phone.

Get More Sales

Shore up your sales team by training your call center reps to generate leads as they’re taking calls. This takes the burden off of your sales team while keeping the same number of leads.

  • Allow your reps to have access to the information on your social media page through the call center software so that they can find and qualify leads through the social platform.
  • Ask your reps to upsell current customers and bring in new customers, sending new leads to the sales team or even finishing the sales themselves.

Call center representatives can help your growing business generate more leads, handle loyal customers and much more. Take advantage of the many skills your reps have and put them to work in creative ways to benefit your business.

Megan Webb-Morgan is a web content writer for She writes about small business, focusing on topics such as call center software and small business loans. 

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