Could Instagram Be An Asset For Your B2B?

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It’s obvious that visually oriented content works well on Instagram, the social media network made up of rapidly publishing photo squares. While visuals are easy to create for B2C industries such as fashion, food, travel or home design, they’re often far less natural in the B2B realm.

Is there a place on Instagram for a commercial cleaning company or a corporate accountant, for example? Could automotive manufacturers or marketing companies have benefits to gain? If you run a B2B company and wonder what role Instagram could play, here’s what you will want to know.

Benefits Instagram Offers

There are too many benefits to Instagram for a B2B to write off the social platform. Here are some examples.

  • Its vast reach. There’s no denying the potential of Instagram, a network that has hundreds of millions of users, most of whom are active daily. Bottom line is the world loves Instagram, especially the younger crowd.
  • Little B2B competition. Despite the network’s overwhelming popularity, a lot of B2Bs avoid it in their marketing plans. There, B2Bs that capitalize on Instagram may find little competition.
  • Humanization factor. B2B or not, people buy from people. Any brand that wants to tell its story, build community and give prospects someone to connect with will find a lot to love about Instagram. Especially through the Stories feature, brands (even B2B brands) can let followers see more of their culture, values and personality.
  • Brand engagement. Every brand wants to stay in the minds of its prospects, whether it sells to consumers or other businesses. Through regular posts, and interaction and connection with prospects on Instagram, businesses stay relevant to potential clients.

Kinds of Content B2Bs Can Post

If you think original photography of your products or services is the only way to post to Instagram, think again. You don’t have to conduct daily photo shoots of products in order to take advantage of this network. In fact, today’s Instagram world is a sea of many different types of content, including:

  • Quotations
  • Demos
  • Behind-the-scenes company activities
  • Day-to-day life in your business
  • Profiles of team members
  • Tips and/or tutorials
  • Event coverage
  • Reposted pictures
  • Recruiting
  • Giveaways/contests
  • News

Some brands also tap into the power of their followers with user-generated content. Then they might repost certain images from their followers, with attribution. How could you do this? Think of subject areas relevant to your business and get creative about how you could inspire followers to contribute. Maybe your business could start a hashtag and invite users to tag images related to a certain relevant theme or idea. Maybe you do different themes each month, somehow related to your business, and get followers to post along that theme.

Is Instagram Right for You?

Ultimately, knowing whether or not to use Instagram as a B2B depends. Nonetheless, every B2B has to get out of the mindset that this social network is only for consumer-driven companies. Thanks to its reach and popularity, Instagram is too big to ignore, no matter what your industry. For the B2B that’s willing to invest a little effort into creating the kind of visual content that resonates with its prospects, Instagram can quickly become a game changer.

Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon is a freelance copywriter who regularly writes and blogs about B2B topics. She's been active in social media since 2008.

Shanna Mallon is a freelance copywriter who regularly writes and blogs about B2B topics. She's been active in social media since 2008.