Dissecting the Tradeshow Booth

Are you going to do it? Are you jumping in with both feet to make the most out of your experience at a tradeshow? Well, don’t show up unprepared. Many exhibitors have been around for a long time and know exactly what they are doing. But even if this is your first time with a booth, you can still look like a veteran.

The Walls of Separation

Many booth spaces are just designated areas on the floor. It is up to you to bring the walls and segregate yourself from the other booths there. When you pay the fee to register and reserve your space, you should get dimensions of how big your area is.

Decide how to make your walls. Would it be easier to hang dark curtains and implement a three dimensional element inside the space or what about a screen of plywood covered with custom wallpaper sporting your logo, your presence? They also have popup screens now that are easy to set up and cover with beautiful imagery.

Being Interactive

Bringing your materials like brochures and business cards are a given. But finding ways to be interactive with your potential clients is crucial. QR codes are fun and bring a “what’s on the other end?” feel to your marketing. Implementing a code is very easy and can be put on anything you can slap a picture on. These little barcodes can be attached to the URL of your choice and are accessed by smartphones of all kinds that have an app on them to scan the codes. Then, it will direct them to your URL automatically. Posters, logos, business cards are all great things to put that code on but having it posted at your booth will allow your visitors the chance to try it right in front of you. The element of surprise is great fun. Direct them to a page of specials you are running or the background of your business.

Have your laptop displaying your portfolio either as a slide show or one they can look at and go through at their leisure. This way, people can see what you are capable of in person and not over the Web. Big posters or hanging pictures are great too, but there is a very personal connection with scrolling through a slideshow. It is like having a consultation right there!

Send them on their way with a CD of your pitch on PowerPoint. People will be picking up brochures all day long and tend to throw away papers. A CD holds more value to the average person. They can’t see what is on it, so the tendency is much higher that they will pop it in their computer and watch it.

If you have an app for your business, help them get it downloaded so they are less likely to forget you. If they really don’t want to commit it to their phone, show them where it is located so they can apply it to their tablet later. Or better yet, print the QR codes and put them on your CDs. Then, there is no excuse why they can’t find you.

Have a Theme

When you hear the word “theme”, you think of luaus or a sock hop. This is not the case. A theme is the idea you are basing your booth around. Now, you say that your logo is your theme. Well, no. Beyond your logo, there needs to be something there to pull your display together. If you are a lawn supply company, perhaps a backyard is the theme. Or just the green color is the theme. If I were a car salesman, I would make it look like the road ran over the floor and went up the wall. But I would also hang posters or graphics in a three dimensional manner and have a portfolio of inventory and reasons why buying from me is the best decision. Then I would hand them a CD with a video presentation on it and a QR code for an offer to pay more for their trade in.

Popping Out … Going 3D

It is human nature to have a wall and feel the need to shove everything against it. Think off the page here and create a space that clients can wander through. Bring in a poker table and have them “take a gamble on you”. Create a space that resembles a small kiosk shop in a mall. People relate to that and feel less inclined to pass on you. Incorporating a bistro table and chairs makes your space an intimate meeting area. They can sit in comfort while looking through your portfolio. They can look you in the face when they ask you questions. All in all, it should incorporate their participation.

Attending a tradeshow should help you build your business but if you can’t compete with who is there, you can’t gain new customers. Be confident and current while engaging the visitors of your booth.

About the Author
Maddy Olson blogs on a variety of subjects that are deep topics and can change lives. Writing about custom printed wallpaper expert, Megaprint.com is a very rewarding way to express her creativity and she enjoys it very much. Her own mission to build her business has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but worth it. She appreciates being able to share that with you.

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