Email Marketing Wins Over Social Media for B2B

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B2B companies see a lot of encouragement to turn to social media marketing – and with good reason! That being said, it’s important not to abandon more traditional email marketing in favor of social media. Why? Email marketing continues to drive new client acquisition far beyond what social media can do.

If you’ve been considering slowing down the email marketing in favor of other techniques, read on to find out why you might want to rethink your strategy.

For Conversions, Email is King

When it comes to generating new leads and conversions, there is no better online marketing strategy than a solid email. A recent look at online marketing strategies among e-commerce businesses by Custora found that email vastly outperformed social media in this area.

Just think about the following statistic: email marketing had a 7% conversion rate, in comparison to social media, which generated conversions out of less than 1% of readers. Even more, the conversion rate for email has actually grown in recent years, contrary to the belief that email marketing is on its way out.

But Before You Lose the Social Media …

Let me just pause for a minute here and say this: just because email outperforms social media in terms of direct conversions, that does not mean you should chuck your social media strategy out the window. In fact, most B2B businesses should ramp up their social media presence, rather than toning it down.

This isn’t a question of email or social media, but rather a reminder that both should be used in conjunction with each other. The fact of the matter is this: email marketing and social media are two complementary strategies for boosting your sales, and neither can do the other’s job. Email marketing is great for short term conversions, while social media is better suited to developing a brand image and relationships with clients over time.

Some Tips for Email Marketing

Ready to start your email marketing campaign, or reinvigorate your present one? Make sure that you’re following these rules for successful email marketing

  • Know your spam regulations. All the effort you put into your email marketing campaign is going to be totally wasted if it doesn’t even wind up in your potential clients’ inboxes. One of the big ones is that you can’t email promotional material to anyone who hasn’t signed up for it. Speaking of signing up to receive emails…
  • Make it easy to subscribe. Include a CTA regarding signing up for your email list on your other marketing materials, and make sure that the signup link is clearly visible on your main website.
  • Ask subscribers what they want. Give your clients some control over what they receive by allowing them to choose how frequently they want emails, and whether they want all of your updates or only relevant deals and sales. This will also give you some useful feedback on what type of content your clients will actually sit and read!
  • Utilize white space. Your clients likely get hundreds of emails per day, and they’re not going to slog through a massive block of text to find out what your email is about. Make sure that the main points of your email are easy to find by breaking up paragraphs and using bold text for your headers.

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