Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t help but be aware that the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, recently hit theaters. I’m not really a car geek, but Skyfall does give me the chance to drive home a personal favorite analogy (no pun intended).

Just as every Bond movie has a “Bond girl,” there’s also a “Bond car.” This time, it’s the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Silver. When Daniel Craig is driving this car, it is an especially good looking car. After all, Craig – or, his stunt driver – knows how to handle this thing immaculately. Also, everyone behind the camera and in the production room knows how to make the Aston Martin look great.

But, imagine putting the steering wheel and gearshift into the hands of a 15 year old with his learner’s permit. Not such a great looking car anymore, right? Well, here’s my analogy…

The Same Thing Is True of Your Content Strategy

A good content strategy can be beautiful on paper. As a marketing agency, you’ve definitely done your market research, you’ve got a great leadership team, and all the data aligns in your favor. Great! What could go wrong? Well, a lot could go wrong. You see, your content strategy can only be as strong and as effective as the driver behind the wheel.

Your “driver(s)” is the other B2B companies that your agency partners with. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that the content writing service your agency partners with will be one of the most important “drivers” behind your content strategy.

Think of It This Way …

Quality content writing is like a steroid that beefs up your content strategy. If you have a “fit and toned” (i.e. “well designed”) content strategy, then there’s virtually no limit to what great content writing can do for your strategy.

The other side of that coin… if your content strategy is diseased and scrawny from the outset, then not even the best content writing/steroid is going to give it power.

It’s important to remember the distinction between your content strategy and your content writing. A great strategy isn’t going anywhere without great writing. And, great writing won’t make up for the absence of a strategy.

What Does it Take to Have Great Content?

That’s a loaded question. It’s also the question we’re always asking ourselves. In fact, we have hundreds of blog posts in our knowledge bank that more or less aim to answer that question. So, your answer? How about this…

Great content informs, educates, and enriches a reader. It doesn’t push the sale; it’s value-oriented.

Yes, it’s important to think about SEO keywords, technical site visibility, and a ton of other things. But, as SEO expert Ian Lurie told me recently, nothing beats great content. Nothing. And that’s coming from a SEO guy!

Should you hire a writing service?

If you have the resources and talent to produce great content in-house for yourself and your clients, then go for it! But, if you want to keep costs low, and place a great driver behind your Aston Martin of a content strategy, then hiring a writing service might be for you!

Who’s going to drive your content strategy?

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