Google+ Now Makes B2B Blogging More Important Than Ever

Did you know that Google+ is officially the second largest social network worldwide? If you’re like most B2B companies, then you might be thinking… but, it’s not for us. I’d like to persuade you otherwise.

Google+ may be great for individual and B2C bloggers, but it’s every bit as useful for B2B bloggers. Here’s why…

The #1 Reason Why You Can’t Ignore Google+

The main reason why you should use Google+? The social media platform has a little code snippet that is totally changing the way Google organizes and produces its search engine results. The code is known as the rel=“author” tag.

When you have a Google+ account and the rel=“author” tag on your website your search engine results will look like the first result in this image:

Now, let me ask you, who would you rather be? The owner of the first page or the owner of the second or third pages? While I’m sure Janet Attard, author of the first page, has a helpful article, there’s no doubt that her use of Google’s rel=“author” tag is helping to boost her in Google’s search engine results.

3 Reasons to Start Using Google+ Now

If you aren’t using Google+ in conjunction with a company blog, here are three reasons to get started:

  • Google looks favorably on those that use its platform. If you want to have long-term success, you’ll do well to follow Google’s lead. Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt has all but said that non-Google+ users will become irrelevant with Google in the future.
  • Google has a number of great (free) products like Google Docs, Calendar, Voice, and Wallet that many businesses have already started to rely on for daily operations. Once you start using Google+, you may see the benefits to using these other products.
  • Google+ Circles allow you to stay connected to the companies and thought leaders in your industry that matter most to you.

Two Examples of Fantastic B2B Blogs

Still not sold on the idea that blogging is right for your B2B company? Since I work directly with B2B companies and agencies, I’m always willing to share great B2B blogging examples. Here are some examples of great B2B blogs that might make you rethink your position (provided by HubSpot

  • Gild offers recruiting solutions for technology companies. Instead of offering esoteric “advice” posts, they get concrete, addressing real world problems that their clients/readers actually experience.
  • Intercom offers CRM tools for web businesses. Their visually-striking blog has interviews, tons of data, and – like Gild – addresses those issues that actually trouble their clients/potential clients.

Want to start making Google+ and the rel=“author” tag a part of your strategy? Search Engine People can walk you straight through it! B2B blogging doesn’t have to be boring or dull, and Google+ integration can definitely make it worth your time!

Will you start using Google+?

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