How to Generate Quality B2B Leads from LinkedIn

In the world of B2B sales, LinkedIn is a goldmine. Although the network is most frequently thought of as a job seeker’s resource, it’s actually a powerful resource for B2B marketers as well. LinkedIn gives brands a way to connect with prospects, share content that supports business goals and more. Do you know how to make the most of the network?

Here are ideas for generating quality leads on LinkedIn!

Status Updates

Regularly share content with your LinkedIn network that will be interesting or helpful to them. Whether it’s the latest B2B Insights article, a how-to video relating to your industry or some statistics you’ve found that are highly relevant to your field, post the link with a short comment, and give your contacts another reason to pay attention to you. Doing so helps position your brand as a thought leader to be trusted. What’s more, LinkedIn provides a way to target your updates to specific audiences for added lead-generating potential.


Find ways to start and join discussions on LinkedIn. Become a part of LinkedIn Groups, comment on other people’s status updates and, especially important, participate in LInkedIn question-and-answer sessions. As Dan Taylor writes at The Next Web, “There are literally thousands of questions and answer sessions happening on Linkedin at any given moment. And what better way to open doors than by answering another’s question?”

Company Page

The main value of your LinkedIn company page is that it establishes your presence on the network and increases your exposure. What’s more, you can create different variations of your page to show to different audiences. To make the most of your page, you can customize it with various features:

  • Banner Images: Customize your company page with a banner image (640 X 220 pixels) that identifies your brand and fulfills a purpose. You may use it to send visitors to your website, call them to a certain action, point them to a landing page specially designed for this purpose.
  • Videos: Have some company videos to show off? Embed your YouTube video on the Overview page, and you can engage followers in a powerful, relevant way! You can also embed different videos on each page, simply by copying and pasting the URL from YouTube.
  • Your blog’s RSS feed: If you keep a corporate blog or news feed, it’s simple to add the feed’s URL to your page, showing your followers automatic updates!
  • Tweets: Sharing your Twitter feed can be a great way to give your Tweets a dual purpose.


Less of a tool and more of a habit, choosing to build real connections on LinkedIn will only benefit your brand. The way LinkedIn works, the greater your number of contacts, the greater your reach. Yet it’s still important to create meaningful connections if you want to turn connections into leads. Here are some tips for making your contacts more valuable:

  • Send personalized messages with contact requests: If it won’t already be obvious to a contact, explain how you know them and what your connection is.
  • Peruse profiles: After you’re connected to someone, take the time to look at his or her profile. What shared interests or groups do you have? Did they go to your alma mater? These shared details give you a way to start a conversation, not to mention help qualify a lead.

Are you already using LinkedIn to build relationships and generate leads? Why not? Moving forward, how could making the most of LinkedIn’s features change your marketing campaign?

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