How Wires and Cables Can Make or Break Your Business

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Wires and cables play a huge part in everyday business operations. They have their obvious applications, such as electricity and data transfer, but other industries rely on cables and wires to run efficiently on a daily basis. The durability of the cables, wires and associated components is also incredibly important when it comes to operations, cost savings and maintenance in many industries. Here is a rundown of wire and cable applications and how they can make or break business operations in a variety of industries.

Transportation Industry

From transit and car services to business logistics and cargo, the transportation industry is the competitive sector that facilitates the flow of goods and people in many different arenas. The transportation industry relies on wires and cables daily. Planes, trains, trucks and boats — the heavy-lifters in the world of logistics and transportation — all have extensive electrical and computer systems that utilize wires and cables as means of transmission for both electricity and important information. Cables and wires are essential to the security and operation of control systems, signaling systems, data acquisition and data transmission systems.

The cables, wires, connectors and components that are on board trucks, planes, trains and boats need to provide sustainability and reliability, because failures can be potential disasters. Not only do operators need tough wires and cables; the insulation, semi conductive shields and jacketing associated with those wires and cables need to be capable of keeping the cables fully operational in any environment. During operation, the cables and their components are constantly in motion, and still need to be 100 percent functional. 

Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, electrical cables and connections ensure that product lines keep moving. In order to get the optimal amount of drinks bottled or food packaged, this machinery needs to be up and running, operational at all times.

The food and beverage industry also has many unique and complex hygienic requirements. As a result, it’s the place to find things like high-pressure sprays, high water temperature, cleaners and sanitizers. Each of these wears on cables and wires, and over time, can render them useless. In order to reduce downtime and save on maintenance, manufacturers and packagers in the food and beverage industry must use tough and reliable cables and wires.

Mining Industry

The mining industry is a global industry, run by large enterprises requiring large amounts of capital to establish. Major mining companies, intermediate mining companies and junior exploration companies all need cables and wires for various tasks and operations.

Shuttle carts, horizontal and vertical power feeds, mining pumps, continuous miners, and mining pumps are all equipment frequently used at mining sites, and require some sort of cable or wire for operation. These cables are typically exposed to an incredibly abusive environment, with risk of abrasion, impact, vibration, tension and even damage from wildlife in certain situations. In mining, reliable and effective wiring is crucial when it comes to safety, labor costs, material and downtime costs. 

Wood and Paper Industry

Even someone working with wood as a raw material needs cables, wires and accessories. In the wood, paper and pulp industry, saw mills and wood yards in particular perform paper processing and, in turn, need to supply power and run the belts of the machinery. These cables and wires are exposed to flexing, heat and moisture, as well as extensive abrasions.

Oil and Gas Industry

Seemingly every sector within the petroleum industry has a need for reliable cable, wires and accessories. In drilling, gas cables and assemblies must be durable and perform at a high level under a range of hazardous circumstances. In addition, well servicing, refining and pumping all require the use of high-performance cables, wires and accessories.

Wires and cables play a role in many more operations than you may have previously thought. From security, safety and cost savings to providing electricity and transferring data, reliable cables and wires are a necessity in a range of different industries.

About the Author

Carol Sabovik is the Marketing Manager of TPC Wire & Cable Corp. in Macedonia, OH. TPC Wire & Cable is a leading supplier of wire, cable and connectors used in harsh industrial environments. TPC’s products are designed and engineered to withstand harsh conditions including abrasion, chemicals, constant flexing and extreme temperatures.

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