Marketing Video or Marketing With Video – Which is Better?

Without looking at these videos on my channel on YouTube, guess which one cost more to produce?

Okay, you probably knew that was a trick question. The first video was a professionally produced video that ran me around $2,000 if I remember right (and they gave me a good deal because, well, we’re pals). The second and third videos were made with my PC’s webcam. Cost (other than the sliver of time, PC wear and tear, electricity, protein and carbs I burned while doing it): $0.

The point here? Cost and effort involved in making a video is not a determinant of future views on YouTube… or resulting leads or inquiries.

There is a vast sea of difference between a marketing video and marketing WITH video. Video, by itself, is merely another tool to get your message out there. In many cases, a quick, informational session in front of a smartphone camera or webcam can be just as, if not more, effective than a professionally produced video due to these factors: authenticity, relevance, immediacy, engagement. The “I just wanted to get a quick message out to you” nature of phone or webcam shot video can make you appear more human and more approachable than perfectly produced footage. This is especially critical in the B2B space where subjects can get rather dry and technical.

Is there a place for a professional marketing video? Yes! And that place is on your website, presentations, and trade show exhibits. It is so worth the investment to have a knowledgeable and professional videographer on your team. He or she can help you present your story in a polished, consistent and cohesive way. But realize that it will cost you. Very rough lower-end estimates can be around $1,000 or more per minute of produced video, plus any consultation, storyboarding (somewhat like a comic book version of plans for your video), and major editing above and beyond just adding simple titles, music and scene transitions. As well, it takes hours, if not days, of time to shoot and edit your video.

Other factors going into the success and number of YouTube views of your video include optimizing your uploads for SEO and promotions. Google doesn’t have the time look through your videos to determine what you’re yammering about. You’ve got to tell them! I see so many videos which have almost no description typed in, a lousy title, and sometimes no tags. What a waste! As well, Google AdWords promotions (previously were marketed as Promoted Videos) can help boost traffic for very little costs, sometimes as little as a few cents per view. And now Google AdWords for YouTube has so many more promotion options and analytics to help you use video to its fullest potential.

If I can do it, so can everyone with a webcam or smartphone. Just get started!

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