The Ides of March Meows

Happy Friday, Happy March 15, Happy Ides of March.

You may know the Ides of March (44 B.C.) was the day Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of knife-wielding conspirators.

What you may not know is the site of Caesar’s assassination, The Theatre of Pompey, is now an enormous shelter for the stray cats of Rome. The Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary covers a full city block. Passersby can watch hundreds of cats prowling and lounging below amid the ancient ruins. Truly, modern Romans have learned the art of herding cats.

We stumbled across the cat sanctuary a few years ago, but yesterday I was saddened to learn that it may be forced to close. Apparently there are sanitation concerns and disputes with Rome’s archaeological office. It would be a shame to see it go.

Assassination and Cat Gallery

The Death of Caesar, Vincenzo Camuccini —

The Torre Sanctuary

Noted conspirator Marcus Junius Brutus, by Rubens —

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