Top 10 B2B Website Weaknesses

A brief web dev rant.

On the whole, B2B websites leave a lot to be desired. Some are weak in their own unique ways, but more often, they share the same problems, each having a ruinous effect on the site’s ability to make a good impression and generate leads.

Here is the rundown.

  1. Awful optimization. Onsite SEO best practices enable Google to read a website and understand the value of its content. A lot of B2Bs don’t think they need search engine visibility to be successful, and allow their sites to be built by people who lack a good grasp of SEO.
  2. Dated design. If you encounter a site that looks like it’s straight out of the 1990s, how interested will you be in doing business? Ironically, many B2Bs with stale site design employ content that touts innovation.
  3. It’s all about me messaging. Do you enjoy listening to someone drone on and on in excruciating detail about every facet of their life and career? Neither do your customers and prospects.
  4. Politicized processes. When every special interest within a business demands exposure on the company site, the firm winds up with a conflicted, complicated and confusing hodgepodge of messages.
  5. MIA CTA. If a site’s calls to action (CTA) are missing in action (MIA), few prospects will take that all-important first step toward doing business. You need to tell people what to do, how to do it, and why they should do it. Simple, obvious … and rarely done.
  6. Sketchy scanability. When visitors land on your home page, they should be able to determine within SECONDS what you do, why you’re better, and why they should care. Unfortunately, most B2B home pages are harder to interpret than the Rosetta Stone.
  7. Trite terminology. If you offer innovative solutions that leverage opportunities … you sound exactly like 100,000 other firms. (I.e., incomprehensible.)
  8. A blizzard of benefits. Great, memorable brands are usually valued for one or two things in particular. The average B2B site aspires to be valued for everything — high quality, low prices, sustainability, ergonomics, excellent service, etc., etc. Prospects get lost in this blizzard of benefits, and conclude you are merely trying to snow them.
  9. Projecting pomposity. B2B sites often forget that business can be fun, and people like to buy from people they like. Sites that sound like lectures or sermons create the impression that doing business with you will be a chore.
  10. Monomedia and missing mobile. Hey: it’s 2013. People want to see video, hear podcasts, watch a slide show, or at least look at decent images, charts and graphs. And … about HALF of them want to do all of this on a mobile phone or tablet.

Quick Visual Website Weakness Checklist


Does your site read like this?

The Rosetta Stone


Does your site look like this?

IBM Selectric

If so, call 630-824-2150 and ask for Brad.

(Image credits: Rosetta Stone – Wikimedia Commons; IBM Selectric – Wikimedia Commons)

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