Video: How to Create the Best B2B Video Blogs on the Planet

Here’s a new video from our friend Andy Harvard — simple tips for making an effective B2B video.


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How To Create The Best B2B Video Blogs On The Planet

Why Create A B2B Video Blog
A video blog is a great way to showcase your brand or business as an approachable and engaging organisation. A prospective client will always feel more comfortable using an organisation if they feel they know the people behind it. So how do you create the best B2B video blogs on the net?

Pick A Location
You don’t actually need to step foot outside your house or flat to find a great filming location. A garage, spare room or simply just a room that has a bit of free space to set up your equipment could work perfectly as a makeshift studio. Try to aim to use a clear background like a solid coloured wall or a tidy office space to ensure thereís nothing distracting in shot when you are presenting your video blogs.

Know Your Subject Area
The simplest way to create useful and popular video blogs is to know your topic. Make sure you’ve researched your subject area well and even take time to script what you want to say in your video.

Having a solid subject knowledge on the tip of your tongue will minimize the chances of you stumbling on your words and establish you as a confident thought leader.

Know Your Audience
Your niches audience will already be interested in the topics and subjects youíre discussing on your video blog, which will help to generate popularity amongst your niche.

Creating a video blog that has universal appeal may be somewhat more difficult, but you have to cater (at least at first) to the niche you’re in to build a loyal fan-base of users. If you can engage with your audience effectively youíll be able to build a stronger connection with them, which should in turn help you to get your video blogs shared, promoted and publicized by users.

Research Other Video Blogs
Video blogging supremacy is not something that happens overnight. It takes a great deal of time and dedication to make your video blogs as good as possible.

One great way of beginning to do that though is by researching other video blogs and watching how other vloggers take to creating popular video content. By seeing how theyíve evolved from their early video, you’ll be able to pick up some fantastic pointers and use them in your videos. Learning from vlogs in your niche and generally popular video blogs will help you to get your vlogging catalogue ticking all of the right boxes.

Be Informative, Educational & Entertaining
There are three essential principles to bear in mind when youíre scripting, filming and editing your video blogs, which are to always be informative, educational and entertaining to your audience.

It’s not often possible to tick all three boxes at once, but hitting one or two in every episode will help to ensure your video blog is well received by your target audience and maybe by many others.

Keep It Short & Simple
Taking a simple approach to your video content is far more effective than trying to cover four or five topics at once. Remember, thereís nothing wrong with creating several videos. In fact, doing so will not only give you more content, but also allow you to market to and address your target audience for each video much easier.

When creating and editing your video blogs always think short and sharp. As a video blogger you will become attached to your content and see every second as being worthwhile, but unfortunately your viewers will not feel the same. Keeping your video under the three minute mark is usually a good guide.

About the Author
Andy Harvard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK-based corporate video company.

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