Viral B2B Content: Creativity & Social Engagement

B2B content marketers seem to get the shaft, don’t they? After all, most B2B products or services aren’t exactly sexy or cool. Rather, they provide those fundamental necessities that – according to most people – just aren’t that fun to market: mainframes, CRM software, etc.


B2B content can be sexy and cool. It starts with authenticity and ends with commitment. If you want to create some B2B content that can go viral, here are some tips to get you started…

#1 Being Authentic

Be personal and passionate with the content you create. People can see through businesses that just throw out whatever appears to be cool and of-the-moment, hoping something will latch on. You don’t want to be “those guys.”

As a customer and business person, yourself, you know how refreshing it is to see a company that actually cares about what they do and the quality of their product or service. When you have this true authenticity, everything else will start to fall into place…

#2 Injecting Creativity

Okay, so you have authenticity, but for your company, that’s not the problem. Coming up with those creative, viral campaigns is the problem. For inspiration, I’m happy to point you over to this list of nine viral B2B videos. Let’s take a look at the video listed from IBM…

When was the last time you watched a video about mainframes? Been a while? Never? Yeah, that’s what IBM thought. In this mockumentary-style two-minute short, IBM pokes fun of itself, but also brings mainframes (and IBM) to the forefront of potential buyers’ minds.

With more than 364,000 views, this video has covered a lot of ground. Leveraging inside jokes about your industry is a great way to make B2B content that goes viral! Also, take a page out of IBM’s book: it’s okay to own-up to the fact that you don’t have the most exciting product in the world.

#3 Encouraging Participation

Truly successful content doesn’t just stop with a punch line or sweet heartwarming-feel-good-vibes. It goes one step further and encourages participation. Your would-be-viral content has to have a strong call to action. It could range from “Check out our Facebook” to “Click Here to Buy.” Just make sure a call to action is clear and identifiable.

When I’m speaking with B2B companies or agencies, I always make it a priority to ask what their most desired CTA’s are. Then, we look at segmenting those CTA’s into clearly identifiable and relatable calls to action, and setting them into motion.

#4 Being Intentional & Prolific

Lastly, viral B2B content must be intentional and prolific. Writing one great commercial is good, but it can only carry you so far. Be intentional about creating follow-up content to meet the expectations of your newfound fan base.

Prolific creators are successful creators. Need some inspiration? Let me just remind you of Van Gogh, who painted more than 2,100 pieces in just over ten years. If you want to be remembered, you’re going to have to aim higher than one-hit-wonder status.

What do you see as an integral component of viral B2B success?

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