Why B2B Companies Need to Start Blogging NOW

A long time ago, in a content galaxy far, far away …

We’ve all read about the benefits of blogging. Numerous times. However, in the world of B2B business, it’s easy to think, “That doesn’t apply to me. It’s all of those B2C companies that should be doing the blogging.”


I can’t emphasize enough how critical it is that B2B companies start blogging today. As all of the mini-galaxies of social media start to collide with one another, blogs are becoming more important than ever. What exactly do I mean by that? Let’s break it down…

B2B Blogging and the “Mini-Galaxies”

Content is delivered in channels.  When you have a great little quip about business, you might choose to tweet it – not write a blog post about it. When you have an interesting Infographic, you might decide that Pinterest is a great place to get it out there – not Slide Share. These channels exist for a reason:

Every channel is designed to suit a particular type of content.

I like to call these content channels “mini-galaxies” because they’re all technically independent, but – like the universe – they are rapidly expanding. 

Great, but what does that have to do with blogging? This: Think of your company’s blog as your own private universe. The blog encompasses your entire company’s content marketing universe. A YouTube video (galaxy) might link back to the blog. Your Twitter profile (galaxy) will showcase snippets from blog posts. Your Facebook (galaxy) will contain an image that points back to the blog, etc.

As all of these little mini-galaxies of your social sphere begin to expand, they point back to and strengthen the greater blog, i.e. your universe.

What This Approach to Blogging Actually Looks Like

Okay, I can hear what you’re thinking. Sure, Amie, we like your astronomy-meets-blogging analogy, but what does this actually look like?

Of course! This past fall I shared five blogging strategies on the B2B Insights blog. Though they were written to be specific to marketing agencies, they can easily be translated to apply to other B2B companies (like your own).

Let’s hit the highlights:

  • Tell Stories. Your blog is a great place to tell stories. Delve into the galaxies of your blog’s universe. Talk about the interesting things happening in your various channels: Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Be Unique. Give your audience a reason to read your blog – not your competitor’s.
  • Repurpose Content. If you’ve written a great guest post or newsletter, why not re-write it, taking a new angle, for your own blog?
  • Drive the Pain Points. Businesses hurt. If you know why they hurt, let ‘em know, and show them that you have the cure!
  • Be Time Sensitive. Last, but not least, take care to post content at the appropriate time. Even the greatest blog post, when delivered at a bad time, is going to flop. 

How Galaxy Expansion Works

As we move into 2013, I’m predicting that social media channels will continue to expand and overlap with one another even more so than they do now. Instagram being snapped up by Facebook and Google picking up YouTube are just two examples of how various channels are becoming bigger and more efficient.

As these content channels continue to overlap and integrate with one another, the B2B companies that know how to weave them together will be the most successful.

How will you rein in your content channels/mini-galaxies? Do you see your company’s blog as the hub for all of your content marketing channels? Or, is the blog another galaxy itself?

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