Why B2Bs Should Be on Google+

google-plusWhen Google+ first launched, it was met with skepticism—but today, it offers too many benefits to ignore, especially in the B2B realm. How can Google+ help your company? Will it really change your traffic or search results? Is it worth your time?

In a word, yes. Take a look at these reasons for giving Google+ your attention:

1. It’s Active.

According to some recent stats, Google+ has over 90 million members, 80% of which engage weekly and 60% of which log in every single day. What’s more, these people who are active on the site are less teenagers sharing photos and more professionals making connections. In other words, it’s a ready audience.

2. It’s Business-Friendly.

You don’t have to work with Google+ for long to see how it’s different from other social networks: Google+ is made for business. It’s not flashy, it comes across more professional and its features are highly useful for businesses talking about business. This is the network whose users, at least in the beginning, were predominantly engineers, developers and designers, after all. This makes it the ideal setting for B2B brands—a place that’s already friendly to business ideas and topics. What’s more, you can easily set up a Google+ company page to keep users connected with your updates and news.

3. It Improves Search Visibility.

Here’s one of the biggest benefits of Google+: when you post original content there, that content gets indexed and ranked right away by Google—so it appears in search results faster. Likewise, through author identification (i.e., using rel=author links), Google recognizes content from a particular author in search results. This means when you post an article, your Google+ photo may come up alongside it in user queries, working to enhance and strengthen your brand.

4. It Improves Search Visibility—Even Passively.

Even if you’re not actively participating on Google+, there are still SEO benefits. When users +1 content from your site, it benefits your search rankings—but you don’t have to be posting your content on Google+ for this to work. Add +1 buttons to key parts of your website and to your blog posts, so users can +1 your content directly from your site, and your search rankings can improve even when you’re not thinking about them. Likewise, link to your Google+ page from your site. In this way, you make it easy for users who are on your site (and often, who are already logged into their Google+ accounts while surfing) to promote your content for you.

5. It’s Great for Lead Generation & Nurturing.

The Google+ Circles feature was one of the first features to catch on. Google+ Circles allow you to categorize your connections however you like—say, according to quality of lead, service needs, new clients or prospective ones, etc. Then, you can share content and updates specific to those audiences—talking about upcoming promotions to prospects, asking questions of loyal clients, etc. Think of the potential in terms of finding new leads and nurturing existing ones: you control what you’re sharing with whom, and in an easy, streamlined format.

Are you and your business already engaging on Google+? If not, what are you waiting for?

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