Why We Believe in Business as Mission

When the Occupy Wall Street movement attracted national attention, many people wrongly assumed that the purpose of business was to make money at any cost. When outrageous salaries were posted so that the public could see what some industries were paying and some executives were earning, outrage among the common man grew.

At PacMoore, we believe there is more.

PacMoore is one of the leading voices in what is known as “Business as Mission (BAM).” In its simplest terms, BAM means we truly believe that there does not have to be a divide between faith and business. In fact, we realize that businesses operating without faith are failing to live up to their truest potential as stated in the Gospel. We believe that we have a duty to do everything in our power to help our employees become the best possible individuals they can be, showing them how to achieve their dreams and goals and teaching them about what it means to be a Christian.

When we are asked why we believe in BAM, we explain that we believe it because it is written in the Gospel — and because it truly makes good business sense. When a company adopts a business-as-mission policy, it provides a partnership between the business and the employees. At PacMoore, we believe in BAM as a true calling. We make sure that we take care of all employees, doing whatever we can to help them grow in all areas of their lives — financially, emotionally, as well as spiritually.

More than ever before, business owners and employees need to come together to work on common goals and foster an atmosphere of teamwork. While some businesses believe that their greatest asset is the amount of revenue they bring in every year, PacMoore knows its greatest asset is its workforce. Therefore, we want to make sure that we protect our asset in the best possible way — by surrounding ourselves with Christian values and beliefs.

When we explain why we believe in business as mission, we explain that we’re living in turbulent times and it’s up to each of us to do whatever it takes to help out those around us. Companies that follow a BAM policy tend to create a workforce that operates under Christian principles, even when an employee does not profess to be a Christian. By providing an environment where vital Christian core values are illustrated on a daily basis, everyone benefits.

As a company that believes in BAM, we also firmly believe in the importance of community outreach. Just as we want to help out our employees, we also want to do whatever we can to help those in need in our community. We do this through monthly volunteer events in which our employees work with local organizations. At the same time, we also partner with various charities and local churches through both service and financial support.

At PacMoore, we believe that BAM also needs to extend beyond employees and the local community. We work diligently to participate in an extensive global outreach program. To do this, we assist in the creation of new businesses and we partner with local budding entrepreneurs to show them how to create sustainable companies that help create jobs. At the same time, we are introducing these people to the word of Jesus, showing them how following His teachings and understanding His sacrifice can ultimately transform their lives.

So when someone asks why we believe in Business as Mission, it’s because we believe there is more to business than just money.

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